Although most things with him began to anticipate the direction of development is not the same, but, whatever the outcome, he still has the promise of children’s children can rely on it!Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  662 dream

  I thought here, Wen Qingshan and my heart was delighted, suddenly Wenming Yu committed a great sin behind and gave the thing.
  Though he Wenming Yu Ming is how?He now has nine temperature and the temperature of Ke good children, do not worry about the day after the!
  Thought here, Wen Qingshan decided to no longer care about Ke Wen Wen IX and his attitude of.
  There engagement with Lu Liang Wen nine of this thing, though he was not informed of this Dangdie, but this thing is always a harmless benefits, he does not intend to pursue the.
  Furthermore, it is only natural, on this occasion, Wen Qingshan if the person questioning temperature Nine, why the engagement of thing does not notice him, this Dangdie is sure to be a joke, how engagement of his daughter, Dangdie You would not know it?
  If ordinary people no problem, this future Uncle However, most county, rich and powerful diamond bachelor Lu Liang ah!
  Wen Qingshan while praising myself in my heart, is a righteous, the father, while my heart after doing enjoy the splendor of the dream, he was optimistic about the woman who, after Lu Jia Uncle certainly helped give him marrying children.
  Really, this dream can not be more beautiful than it is now!
  Think of the good thing, Wen Qingshan also fart fart Britain children’s children followed behind Wen Ke, into the bureaucratic lobby.
  And here in the lobby, Lu Liang Xiao Yu is facing the bow.
  Nine is the Liang Wen Lu’s fiancee, and this time out to rescue Xiao Jiajun Wen September, Lu Liang is naturally grateful, I heard Xiao Yu to save temperature Nine, also fell into the cliff, nearly died, this large Well, how can we not thank Lu?
  And Xiao Yu seeing the warm hand in hand IX and Lu Liang came in, his face on the bad.
  Although Xiao Yu already try to control, but when Lu Liang of thanks to him, Xiao Yu still face pale.
  Fortunately, Xiao Yu has the look of a beard, he is happy in the end is anger, have been blocked beard to live, not looking can not tell.
  At this moment, only to Xiao Lu Liang Yu as his benefactor, naturally, did not mind pay attention to Xiao Yu’s face.
  But Wen nine did notice.
  Previously, she also has been found in the face of Xiao Yu Lu Liang, the unfriendly attitude of some, but the temperature never been seen do not quite understand how it was nine children.
  The experienced yesterday that night, Xiao Yu with her confession, which makes white Wenjiu Ming, Xiao Yu is the original land of the beam as a rival.
  However, regardless of the attitude of Xiao Yu Lu Liang is how, this is not important to warm up for nine.
  She told between Xiao Yu had no might, and Lu Liang early on she is engaged fiance, she would not betray Lu Liang.
  Xiao Yu thought as to how she can stop, and no right to interfe深圳桑拿网re, as long as she will be able to do their.
  Wen nine will not, Xiao Yu with more excessive contact, the relationship between the two of them, stop there.
  Anyway, before long, Xiao Yu will also be out of here by that time there had been no matter what happens, it will disappear as a general thing of the past.
  So warm nine at the moment, ignoring Xiao Yu to see the eager eyes of her time, but turning their attention to the case on trial.
  Since Wen Qingshan attitude has been expressed very clearly, we all understand that he will not cover Wenming Yu, so this thing to deal with them, it’s much simpler.Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  ”This is how you are?”

  An an南宁桑拿xious voice came over, then it was a push in the past a chance to react when Song Qi Xu Yan.
  After what seems to be a lot for granted, see Xu Yan Song Qi Mu-yun’s body lying in there crying horrendous.
  Burst into tears, love to the depths.
  Song Qi in the embarrassing not to look behind, but Mu-yun has been no talk.And without the slightest reaction, it really is in place to allow Song Qi do not know what to do.
  ”Royal Highness wound to the right chest.”
  Song Qi carefully remind behind Xu Yan, and then Xu Yan stunned back.
  And I saw that he now hands are placed on the chest Mu-yun, and also happened to be on the right.Xu Yan face suddenly burst of red and white burst, very embarrassing.
  But she looked up to the Mu yun water after one pair of soulful eyes seem not so afraid, it seems Mu Yunhe did not seem the slightest angry ah.
  I thought, Xu Yan still found a reason, and that is really like myself Mu yun.
  So Xu Yan to straighten the backs, do not fear behind the Song Qi.Song Qi two days set a lot of prestige, in a moment Xu Yan almost forgot, they are the two who really like Mu-yun.
  So Xu Yan Mu yun continue to climb in the body, he said: “Royal Highness, this time you did things right.People want to see you, but the Princess was to have been blocked at the door, we have been unable to enter it.”
  Finished, Xu Yan Mu-yun also Resentment looked at, and then turned ferocious stare a Song Qi.
  Mu-yun is spoiled touched Xu Yan head, looked up toward Xu Yan said: “Now I wake up, you want to be here for a long long.”
  ”Royal Highness, nice to have you.”
  Xu北京夜网 Yan finally raised his hand to wipe the tears of his own cheeks, and Song Qi has been quietly watching the two of them behind him, embarrassing not know what to do.
  Song Qi never thought, Mu Yin Xu Yunhe in front of there is such a gentle side.
  And she also did not think that he will be here in a scene embarrassing.
  So she quietly turned back out.
  And inside the room Xu Yan also took what seemed Mu yun said, two people still always looks and beauty.
  Finally, after confirming Song Qi Mu-yun has gone until, raised his hand like a baby’s Xu Yan pulled his arms.
  Then, he had not the slightest hesitation on the front of the neck Xu Yan fiercely point on the acupuncture points, Xu Yan felt very dizzy, then fainted in front of Mu-yun.

  ☆, three hundred and forty seventh chapter of rest



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nth, Huo Yin see her doing all of Enron’s house late wife, no other Zainao unitary moths, mind could not help give birth to some happy.

  深圳桑拿网Probably from now on, she can law-abiding doing his late wife strike.He thought predicament.
  Rao is such a relaxed mind, but he still flatly refused to sink late to the request of the government.He believes this is the only place blame on her, and he would not allow her to step out Houfu step.It is not a half-step.
  Every one or two days, he will cause the treasurer of silver out of the floor, the treasurer of the silk warehouse, tailor shops dispensers go Houfu, in front of her eleven display a variety of gold and silver jewelry, all kinds of Aya silk cloth, a variety of popular styles of clothes, for she chose for her to choose, as long as she likes, is the satin all jewelry clothes are left only saying things.
  Shen late may not like.She Bianxiang Huo Yin raised requirements, we can not let her out of the government, but plea苏州夜网se give her books so she got all kinds of boredom.
  Huo Yin made a special trip to her in the House do not create a Court, which in full bloom all kinds of books, a large subset of the classics, history, romance, then this small, bibliography full range, everything, and many add up to as much of the city Bianjing big Bookstore.
  Shen later gave this Court nomination, breeze Court.
  Huo Yin personally holding pen inscr广州桑拿iptions, hang plaques.Shen late next looked, no objection.
  Huo Yin did not ask the Court to be what the breeze at night can sink tight-lipped, Rao is unhappy at heart, he did not re onslaught.
  Shen night did not tell him that, ‘breeze’ word is taken from the Southern Tang emperor Li Yu, move to Hanyu night to the wind.
  After this Kusakabe North Korea, Yin Huo big step on the carriage, soon as he sat down, nine Qin coachman will make it back to the House.
  Less than a quarter of an hour, the four carriages into the House.
  Huo Yin Court opened the door breeze, soon as he entered, Schwimmer scholarly taste of blowing the same time, he caught one of which is a bookshelf, quiet reading open b

  Qin drank cat grin, shaking his head in schematic can not drink.

  Ding This upward drank the remaining water, cleaned cup, see the little girl began to yawn, came and coaxed her softly, “you’ll sleep, I’m waiting for you to fall asleep before you go.”
  Qin cat really sleepy, yawning over his mouth, “you go back to sleep, you’re gone I do have to lock the door.”
  Suddenly remembered something, his eyes wide open big ask: “Yesterday, I had locked the door before going to bed!How did you come in?”
  Door of her bedroom door is not like someone’s home, there is only wood bolt, her father also installed on the door latch iron, wood and iron chain hanging in the lock bolt two.
  A lack of answers does not give up the way.
  Ding you think of stupid things to do when your own wine did not wake up, climb red ear Italy, her face sideways from his pocket the key, do not hide, he said: “I used to cut open the wooden door, put his hand into the crack, my house with a key to open the lock.”
  He picked up the cat mouth are key Qin Zhang, this key smaller circle than her keys, which can be opened?
  Meow little doubt of his eyes, “how do you this?”He ought not to have done it a thief?
  Ding see her face to know what she was thinking, rubbing her head, funny, he said: “I have not stolen anything, before poor family can not afford the lock, I’ll study your great grandfather’s home lock, see if You can not be 苏州桑拿网out of wood.”
  ”Study more, this two-way locking teeth, look at me to know how to open.”
  ”Then you did not do it?”Qin cat eyes bright questioning.
  ”Made out, also can be used.”Before she pleased, and received a sentence,” just made of wood, slightly larger effort will be able to lock snapping thin nose.”
  ”Haha.”Qin cat lying laugh again.
  Ding feel embarrassing draw by her smile What, but to be able to make her laugh to joy.
  Qing cough twice to attract her attention, “Tomorrow you let Qinshu you put on a perforated iron latch and lock caps into the hole in the iron, so that people from the outside how are not open your door.”
  ”how about you?”
  ”I can not open.”
  Qin small cat touched his chin thoughtfully and said: “I seem to realize a sense, we have to first want thief thief.”
  ”Like locks, install locks do not necessa广州桑拿网rily have a lock on the safety of your equipment out.”
  Ding default this sentence is praise, rubbing her head, “Go to sleep, you have to go to work tomorrow, will help and so will you when I go to the door good.”
  Qin cat to lie down, hands clutching the edge of the quilt, sweet smile, “I want you to sing that song to me last time.”
  ”it is good.”Ding pull off the lamp, deep voice sounded in the dark, ‘moon light, according to Hall.’
  A lullaby hardly finished, the children’s bed, breathing has become steady.
  Ding tucked in the corners of the quilt, watching her for a long time, he crept to leave.

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Holmium Xufengcenjian Yishengfujie holmium?

  He wanted cute fluffy sister.

  Shen Yi Chong took a deep breath, turned to leave direct selection.
  To speak with his son, to have him mad.
  He went to prepare a fruit platter, only to drop a word before leaving.
  ”This is my daughter, not yours.To look like you can be their own wives to students.”
  This sentence almost to sink to the air with the Core buns.
  But among fans live is Aoao called.
  Before the couple has not given specific information, which is small Zai Zai’s first public sex.
  [We are a small treasure warm baby girl, perfect!]
  [Saying through so much, but also perfectly healthy, I always thought it was a rugged little son, did not think the baby is female, surprise!]
  [Looks like a soft like Shen, ha ha ha, with wide!I bet that baby face value is very high!]
  【look forward to]?
  [Large yaoyao sons and daughters, envy?I hope to be able to see after a four interactive.]
  [I guess our little warm personality package will tota北京会所体验网l a little more like a sink, rushed she is not squeamish, quack, inexplicably feel the contrast Meng.]
  [Core package: tired, after this home, I not only want to take my father, but also with little sister.With fixed, to bring no more!】
  Fans are very excited happy.
  Yuyao Yao also comforted Shen Rui small steamed buns, and told him that looks like Dad will be like Mummy, with his little brother, certainly there will be a bit like, and that makes some small buns peace of mind.
  But turned around, holding a small buns began searching the tablet.
  Mommy belly # how to make baby looks cute #
  His voice the next, so the audience between live have heard, many mothers have been his family to die Meng.
  Now open a second child, many families have with money, effort wealthy mother wanted to have, but very worried that the children can not accept, will the rivalry with small.
  But Shen Rui buns no rivalry, or fear that they will fall from grace of a little effort, his eyes full of earth is a cute little sister wants to play with him.
  Even, also for this thing, a lot of little mind exercise.
  Not for a while, he would do so to search information.
  Check out the word, he even Mongolia with a guess about the meaning of a.

  ”I’m all right, His Royal Highness Prince Edward, Thou shalt.Ahem cough!Keke.puff.”

  Blood fourth port, and the spit.
  Sumi suddenly lay back on the pillows, no Huanguo Lai quite a while, I just feel dark eyes, a little slow, however awkward feeling.
  ”Flourishing, are you okay?flourishing!doctor!doctor!Come with me to the doctor to come!”Dragon King crimson eyes, raise a loud voice growled toward the outside, while Sumi reached his hand into the arms hug, whispered soothing.
  Sumi listened to the Dragon King severe heart, just feel at this time.
  Time is up.
  ”His Royal Highness Prince Edward, you turned out to be really worried about me ah.”Sumi suddenly laugh, whispering says.
  ”You say this is nothing?Is it just comes to you now I think I was worried about you?Heartless!”Dragon King heart of a happy, holding Sumi’s hand a little more tight.
  Sumi never said this to his own words, this is the first time, how can he not surprise?
  ”His Royal Highness Prince Edward, I want to die.”Sumi gasped, his arms toward the Dragon King’s by the by.
  ”I really do not want to die.I have Chengzhi and blossoming, as long as you can live, as long as live, how are good ah.”Sumi said this time seems to use a lot of effort, out of breath, seeing all the strength will run out of general.
  ”I will not let you die, exuberant, do not worry, I will not let die, the doctor will be here soon, and then you hold on, absolutely nothing would happen!”This Sumi Dragon King let a heart lift and fall, not uncomfortable.
  ”His Royal Highness Prince Edward, useless doctor, the doctor could not save me, come to Murong Sheng, is he, poison under.”Sumi suddenly correction tight skirts Lung King, the tears fell down in pairs.
  ”His Royal Highness Prince Edward, help me to come Murong Sheng, the antidote with me what he wanted me to give what he wants!His Royal Highness Prince Edward, you do not want me dead right?If I die, who will contain the three princes Long?You have to Murong Sheng, he must have the antidote!”Sumi sound of pleading, let Murong Sheng Lung King see one side.
  ”How can it be?Murong Sheng for you.”Dragon King can not imagine how Sumi would say, suddenly shocked, how is this possible?
  ”How I?Song of?His Royal Highness Prince Edward, this fear is to let know how much, so I got my son Murong Sheng medicine, old, Murong Murong Lan Sheng and I jointly design and dragon three princes, although eventually successful escape, but I was under the Murong Sheng medicine!It true!”
  ”can.But you did not say why?!”Dragon King child is aware of it, but why not get the antidote after Sumi out of danger, but did not say these days?Up to now only take it to children in a ground-breaking way to say it?

  ☆, chapter 1187th: chaos

  ”At the time I returned from there to his home Murong Sheng, I do not know have been poisoned, I thought he was good, but, but now I so look like, how can you be good?I had thought Murong Sheng is lying to me, but.Today, I just take it to children and His Royal Highness Prince you say, because I was afraid of His Royal Highness Prince do not believe me, I know Murong Sheng’s mind, I know!”
  Sumi words actually very convincing, successful explains all doubts Lung King.
  ”His Royal Highness Prince Edward, I do not ask next, I just want to sit safely live, you let Murong Sheng came to see me, if he does not get what he wants, he will never save me!You let him come to see me!His Royal Highness Princ佛山桑拿e Edward, help me, I really.Want to die ah!”Sumi This has shortness of breath, after which the child will cry . the sound is out of breath.
  ”You have a good lie, do not be afraid, I want this thing to me, is not it a Murong Sheng?He also wanted?Oh, you want to be able to get our hands on it?What people think they are?!”Dragon King fiercely grunted, put Sumi flat on the pillow, turned out.
  ”Sue look after the girl, if she something, who do not live.”This is a subtle fragrance, who commanded the Dragon King’s voice.

  An awkward, had been able to look intoxicated, which will not be silly?

  Wu Ming call him, reveling in the south of Azusa uphold, hear.
  ”Mr. south!what happened to you?”
  ”Ok?You find me something?This naive hot ah!Or so relatively cool.”
  Some large sound, south of Azusa finally there was a reaction, pulled up the sleeves still could not dripping wipe their faces, trying to hide Road.
  ”.”Wu sympathetic look about it, they are all between colleagues, or well-intentioned asked about,” Mr. south, not where you are uncomfortable ah?”
  Such as the brain or something, of course, Wu asked more subtle and not so direct.
  ”Not at all!I could not be better!”Wu Ming south of Azusa stared at, screw down water on their sleeves.
  Such wet look, although he does not mind, but walked 佛山桑拿back Zhaizi next to go, was seen still a little embarrassed.
  ”You look of the thing, not just the hijacking, the girl was hit Erni?”
  South of Azusa action paused, this hijacking words, let his inexplicable love.
  ”Go! Go! Go!What nonsense?I am the kind of person do?”The key is do not understand anything.

  ☆, first Thousand fifty-two selfish

  Jin Yu is, really want to walk away and ignore those popular, but to who is the customer, even bother, she is also going to serve as the master.
  From the workshop came home, and she said, will come thrush Mandy went to the backyard, and Duanmu Mrs. Wyatt Duanmu speak together, Xu Lin touches in the lobby along with Duanmu Green.
  Jin Yu to hospital later the footsteps of a turn, went straight to the lobby, tea has changed round, bits and pieces of ice into water drip down, no sound hall.
  If it were not told in advance thrush Jin Yu, Xu Lin Duanmu Green entertain in the lobby, she thought no one yet!
  ”Go get me an iced plum juice to.”
  Jin Yu into the front room, told her to go get thrush plum juice, did not expect or beErli scary green Duanmu heard.
  ”Do not iced, as long as the sour plum, married woman should not eat cold things.”
  Duanmu Green’s first sitting, he ends up sitting Xu Lin, looking down at the hands of the tea cup, look seems a bit low, come to know Jin Yu, the rise of far-fetched smile.
  ”sister in law.”
  Jin Yu slowly walked past, looked indifferent Xu Lin, specially people with fine bamboo curtain hung window to do, not only shade but also breathable, now mottled light leakage in, not Xu Lin’s face was depressed and lonely.
  Just at the door or when beaming, but after half an hou苏州夜网r the way, this mood became a little faster.

Chapter 1 (Revised)

  Amazing lightni苏州夜网ng, falling piercing, instant heavy rain fell from the sky.
  Violent wind and rain, the Yuyao Yao awakened from a dream.
  She somewhat confused opened his eyes, and instantly stabbed object light, illuminate shifted his head uncomfortably.
  This nest softened?
  Stone than a few days ago, the leaves heap better, this quilt fragrant, warm, so she could not help with his chin rub more than a few times, he showed his sweet lips a satisfied smile.
  She rubbed her eyes acid Baba, trying to lift his head.
  But just half-open eyes, and I see it on a huge white walls and ornate chandeliers, and all European and surrounded by gold-rimmed white furniture.
  Drink, this is not a snake in her nest zoo!
  Yuyao Yao swallowed and slowly looked up and saw the next four weeks.
  Her adult form practice a few years ago, secretly hiding in the zoo snake nest play phone play on the computer, obsessed fiction TV series.
  But when she finished school basics, ready to be slipped out of the zoo world’s most beautiful stars, while being pleasant to audition, but was suddenly down a mine pizhong crucial that damn demon world of law enforcement, died instantly!
  She died.
  She thought it a pain in the head, my mind more out of a memory is not his own.
  She is now reborn, no, crossed?
  Yuyao Yao also known to wear a body, this woman since childhood crush on actor Chen Qiao, but in order to save the family crisis, painfully married entertainment company boss.
  She is dubious just called to ask her husband for money, but in the end loggerheads over her head a Young crashing into the bed, fell into a coma.
  Still finishing the sudden memory, mobile phone suddenly rang in bed.
  Yuxin Jie a signature for the incoming call alert, jumped out.
  Very familiar name.
  Yuyao Yao eyebrow, turned.
  A female voice urged rang immediately came.
  ”Sister, you eat sleeping pills yet?”
  ”I finally asked a few friends, only to buy a sufficient quantity in batches!”